"Disposable Subjects: Law and Child Migration to the United States, 1890s-1920s"

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapter

“Emmett Till no shi: Black Lives Matter undo ni okeru kioku no motif [Emmett Till’s Death: A Memory Narrative in the Black Lives Matter Movement].” In Black Lives Matter kara manabu: Amerika kara Global he [Learning from the Black Lives Matter: From America to the World],” edited by Shinichi Takeuchi and Chikako Nakayama. Fuchu: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Press, March 2022. (In Japanese)

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Miscellaneous Publications

“Cincinnati no sakamichi wo aruku [Cincinnati: A City across Hills].”Pieria 14, March 2022. (In Japanese). Link.


Blog Entry, “A Girl without a Country.” Immigration and Ethnic History Society (IEHS) Online (April 14, 2020). Link.


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